Abbasid blue is a ceramic type found throughout Arabia. This distinctive pottery type was manufactured in southern Mesopotamia. A blue glaze was applied to a yellow body. Many such vessels included applique and handles. Usually very large vessels, they were used to transport bulk liquids. This vessel type originated in the Sassanian period (4th-sixth century A.D.) but reached its popularity under the Abbasids (eigth-tenth centuries A.D.) These vessel fragments came from Ras Qinqeri east of Mirbat. A large Abbasid settlement can be found on both small promontories overlooking Khor Rohri. The Abbasid control of southern Arabia insured a continous maritime connection between China, India, Arabia, and Africa. Abbasid control of inland Arabia is also demonstrated by the profuse finds of Abbasid blue at a myriad of sites throughout the peninsula.