The Ain Humran complex in Dhofar illustrates a complete archaeological settlement. The hill crest was occupied by the Iron Age/Islamic fortress, quite similar to others found in eastern Yemen (Ghaydah al Seghir) and the Rub al Khali fringe (Shisur). Several boat-shaped grave cemeteries can be found to the east of the hill crest. To the west, a well-defined small plateau contains the remains of a large, formal, field system similar to those found and described on Socotra. Scattered throughout the fields were small irregularly-shaped stone foundations of farm buildings. In several, heavy concentrations of pottery were found. The majority showed clear ties to Late Iron Age materials found elsewherein the region. To the north of the fortress, a more recent series of fields can be seen. Water was guided onto the fields in small channels which are still visible. Modest sluices and water diversion walls can also be recognized. These are most likely Islamic in date.